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Rick LaPenta

Rick LaPenta

Pre-Construction Manager 22 Years of Experience

Pre-Construction represents the gap between a concept and reality. My job is to help close that gap and work to make the vision match the outcome.


As Pre-Construction Manager, Rick provides cost estimates at the conceptual level of development for Flaherty & Collins Development and Construction teams. He also helps drive design to meet the standards of Flaherty & Collins Properties while maintaining budget throughout the construction process.

Accreditations / Organizations


Rick enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. An avid physical fitness enthusiast, Rick enjoys all types of workouts.

Professional Experience

The first 15 years of Rick’s career was as an electrician, working on job sites daily. After entering the office side of the business, I quickly realized that the knowledge I gained in the field was extremely valuable and has allowed me to grow professionally.

Milhaus (Indianapolis, IN)
Pre-Construction Manager

Buckingham Construction (Indianapolis, IN)


Vincennes University