Flaherty & Collins Properties Management understands the complexities of properties in Receivership. Our 20+ years of experience puts us among the industry leaders in managing and leasing these properties.

Since 1997, Flaherty & Collins Properties has managed 30 multi-family properties for receivership, totaling over 7,000 units in Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio. We also managed five office buildings totaling, 180,000 square feet; four industrial buildings totaling 1.5 million square feet; and one 150-unit hotel. Receivership periods of these properties range from six months to three years.

Our goals of receivership include: keeping all parties informed of activities occurring at the property; file all required reports with the court; protect and preserve the asset; and maximize the monthly net operating income.

As the management company for your property, Flaherty & Collins Properties will provide all the services that our owned and fee managed properties receive from the accounting, compliance, IT and marketing departments.