The Ninety-Three Society

The Ninety-Three Society

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Ninety-Three Society Inductees – Class of 2021

The Ninety-Three Society is Flaherty & Collins Properties own club of employees who have reached significant years of service contributions with F&C. Specifically, employees are officially inducted into The Ninety-Three Society when they reach 10-years of service with F&C. Additionally, employees are honored at the 15-year, 20-year and 25-year designations.

The name “Ninety-Three Society” is meant as a nod to company history, with Flaherty & Collins Properties being founded in 1993. The Ninety-Three Society began in 2021 and overhauled F&C’s Employee Recognition program.

Members receive a net bonus and mandatory sabbatical leave corresponding to their years of service. Additionally, members are invited to a special event with a guest, where they are honored and receive a special gift box containing items and gear only available to Ninety-Three Society members, with a custom-ring color around The Ninety-Three Society logo to designate your years of service.

25-Year Members

  • David Flaherty
  • Jerry Collins
  • TJ Hinds
  • Aggie Woods

15-Year Members

  • Kim Whitaker
  • Regina Templeton
  • Tami Chin
  • Wendy Conner
  • Darryl Ruge
  • Jason Schoettle
  • Chris Kirles
  • Gavin Greene
  • Denise Alm

20-Year Members

  • Kathy Desautels
  • Jim Crossin
  • Tracy Becker
  • Dawn Coyle
  • Mirjana Skoric
  • Felicia Strong
  • Alma Slash
  • Janice Goodnight
  • Tracey Taylor
  • Jamie Kenyon
  • Sheila Hobbs

10-Year Members

  • Grante Manning
  • Lynn King
  • Gerald Agar
  • Patrice Labbe
  • Brad O’Conner
  • Lisa Berry
  • Derrick Adkisson
  • Steve Idol
  • Terry Corley
  • Dena Fiorucci
  • Paul Palacios
  • Bayyinnah Germany
  • La Keisha Jackson
  • Jim Fiorucci
  • Karla Snider
  • Michael Collins
  • Krste Stojakovic
  • Sarah Dassylva
  • Mary Parlock
  • Bob Sanders
  • Gib Wahid
  • Jennifer Ballou
  • Ryan Cronk