Axis Part of New Pet DNA Technology

INDIANAPOLIS – Axis, a Flaherty & Collins Properties development located in downtown Indianapolis, is among a handful of luxury apartment communities, cities and bark parks using new pet DNA technology that can help readily identify a pet waste with its owner to ensure clean-up in the future.

With the rise in bark parks and pet friendly apartment communities, so to is the rise in pet waste left behind. Maintenance crews are left with extra clean-up and property managers field numerous complaints from residents about pet waste that has not been picked up and properly disposed of.

Axis has implemented PooPrints into its pet fees in order to assist in curtailing the issue. PooPrints collects a DNA sample of the pet to register in its database. The DNA can then be used to match with the leftover waste to locate the owner of the pet. The owner then receives notice of pet policy violation and a bill.

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response,” says Leah Downie, Property Manager at Axis.

The deterrent is being considered for a new bark park in Carmel, as well as many other locations.