The Ninety-Three Society

The Ninety-Three Society

The Ninety-Three Society represents Flaherty & Collins Properties’ exclusive group of employees who have made substantial service contributions and reached significant milestones with F&C. Employees are officially inducted into The Ninety-Three Society when they reach 10-years of service with F&C. Additionally, employees are honored at the 15-year, 20-year, 25-year, and now 30-year designations.

The name “Ninety-Three Society” is meant as a nod to company history, with Flaherty & Collins Properties being founded in 1993. The year 2021 witnessed the establishment of the Ninety-Three Society, which brought about a complete transformation of F&C’s Employee Recognition program.

Flaherty & Collins is Proud to Recognize:


Carnita Bell

Julie Collier

Gary Cooper

Sherry Kellar

Stephan Lamar

Alison Langebartels

Noelle Malatestinic

Lauren Miner

Brian Outlaw

Aimee Pearson

Diane Rathburn

Colleen Rego

Melissa Rusler

Dustin Stevens

Garry Waters


Derrick Adkisson

Gerald Agar

Lisa Berry

Ryan Cronk

Chris Davis

Steve Idol

La Keisha Jackson

Lynn King

Grante Manning

Brad O’Connor

Patrice Townsend


Wendy Conner

Regina Templeton


Kathy Desautels


Jerry Collins

David Flaherty

Aggie Woods