Downtown Development Continues for Brownsburg

Sara Nahrwold | The Hendricks County Flyer

BROWNSBURG — The town’s plans for downtown development are continuing to move forward.

The Brownsburg Town Council voted unanimously in favor of an economic development agreement between the town, the Brownsburg Redevelopment Commission and Flaherty & Collins Properties. The development is on the former St. Malachy Church, and school property on the west side of North Green Street.

The plan is to build a mixed use commercial/residential project valued at a minimum of $35 million with potential to hit $40 million.

It will include 210 apartments, 7,500 square feet of first floor retail space, and a 400 space parking garage. The town has agreed to provide $965,500 in cash incentives, to waive various local development fees and finance the construction of the nearly $6 million parking garage.

Deron Kintner, general counsel with Flaherty & Collins Properties, was on hand to answer any council member questions.

“We’re very excited to be in Brownsburg,” he said.