Journal Review: Historic Whitlock Represents New Beginning in Crawfordsville

Historic Whitlock rendering

As highlighted by the Journal Review, Historic Whitlock Place broke ground in Crawfordsville yesterday, and the project represents a significant change in making the past relevant for the future. The project seeks to turn an old community icon into a new asset for community residents.

The former Culver Union Hospital, which opened in 1902, will be re-adapted into Historic Whitlock Place, a building that will provide affordable housing for senior citizens.

“Historic Whitlock Place will serve our community very well by providing much-needed housing that is attractive, safe, and efficient,” Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton said. “It takes an important piece of our past and makes it relevant for our future.”

Culver Union Hospital served the community of Crawfordsville well, until 1984, when patients were moved out in June of that year as the building fell into decay. After exactly 31 years, officials knew it was time to do something different.

A Flaherty & Collins Properties development, Historic Whitlock Place will seek to maintain the look of the building, while improving the framing, plumbing, electrical, heating and air. The project team will work carefully to preserve the antiquity of the building.

“We don’t have a lot of restructuring to do,” said Flaherty & Collins Properties project manager Mike Stufflebeam. “Some of the exterior facade takes a little bit longer than it would to install brand new, but as far as the structure, it’s in pretty good shape.”

With a building that means a great deal to local residents – many of whom were born at the hospital – Flaherty & Collins Properties has taken great strides to ensure the ties to the neighborhood remain.

“It makes it really special to be a part of these projects where there is a tie to the community,” said lead Flaherty & Collins Properties developer, Julie Collier.