KSHB KC41 – Luxury Apartments Bring New Attitude, People to KC Riverfront


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Union Berkley Riverfront is open, bringing 400 luxury apartments alongside the riverfront. Flaherty & Collins Properties said it’s the first time people are living on the riverfront in 135 years.

Ryan Cronk, VP of development, said, “We kind of looked at what the riverfront could be and we wanted to be the first one in and we’re glad we’re working with Port KC on it.”

In fact, the company is already talking to Port KC about phase two of Union.

The Kansas City Streetcar Authority is also planning to expand the streetcar north to the riverfront.

Ryan Broomfield, who lives downtown, said, “There’s obviously great historical buildings and things that are wonderful about Kansas City, but I like to see new development happening.”

It’s a far cry from what it once was. Former Kansas City Mayor Dick Berkley said, “The whole riverfront was really at one time, unfortunately, a dumping ground for buildings that were torn down.”

Now, he’s thrilled with the transformation. “I’m really lucky that they decided to name the park after me and I feel very, very fortunate,” Berkley said.