Cleveland Heights Revitalization Of Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook Site Begins

Cleveland Heights, OH – Cleveland Heights continues to move forward with transformative redevelopment projects, positioning the City as a desirable place to live and work. Central to this effort is strengthening the City’s business districts.

Monday night Cleveland Heights City Council authorized the Administration to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the redevelopment of the Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook (CLM) site. The development will be a creative mixed-use development on land currently owned by the City. This is in keeping with the City’s Strategic Development and Master Plans, and best industry practices of bringing residential populations to mixed-use districts. The City’s development partner for this project is Flaherty & Collins Properties (F&C), and City Architecture.

F&C is a trusted partner and is currently the developer constructing The Ascent at the Top of the Hill project. The vision for the Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook project is to strengthen the Cedar-Lee District and businesses city-wide, provide a greater range of residential opportunities, and enhance the desirability of the City of Cleveland Heights through inspired new mixed-use development. Project Goals include promoting Cleveland Heights’ rich legacy and progressive future; supporting Cedar-Lee businesses, residents and visitors; providing new housing options for Cleveland Heights; creating integrated, inclusive and connected public spaces; and capitalizing on recent district investments.

“The District is one of the Cleveland area’s most vibrant shopping and dining experiences. This redevelopment opportunity to create an amenity-filled mixed-use development has the potential to add to the unique character of the surrounding Cedar Lee neighborhood,” notes City Manager Susanna Niermann O’Neil.

The project is expected to bring upwards of 300 new residents and customers into the heart of the Cedar Lee District. The Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook site is located on roughly 4.80 acres currently consisting of surface and covered parking areas and vacant land. Mixed-use commercial / residential redevelopment of this site has been a long-pursued goal of the City, established in the City’s 2011 Strategic Plan and a priority of the City’s 2017 Master Plan.

“The potential for redeveloping this site with new residential and commercial construction, within the dynamic Cedar Lee District, is limitless and could be a game changer for our community,” stated Tim Boland, Director of Economic Development for the City. He added that the project will “bring new residents and increased economic activity and vibrancy, as well as new tax revenue to our City.”