WTHI-TV 10: Historic building becomes affordable housing


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) — It’s been years in the making. but one building in Terre Haute has finally been given some new life.

Getting the keys to your own place can be exciting, but it’s not something that happens for everyone. Many people just can’t afford it. Now, one place in Terre Haute is making it easier for those in need to get affordable housing.

“Most communities struggle to provide adequate affordable housing for all ages,” Julie Collier, the VP of Development for Flaherty & Collins Properties said.

The building on Wabash has had a long history. It was first a bakery, then a YMCA, before it was finally turned into a homeless shelter with Lighthouse Mission. But then tragedy struck the building.

“The mission needed help getting out from underneath it they’d already moved their operations after a fire at the facility,” Collier said.

That’s when Flaherty & Collins Properties, other historical organizations, and the Sisters of Providence swooped in to help.

The building has now been renovated into apartments and it’s ready to be lived in. In fact, they already have 6 of their apartments filled.

It’s a place for anyone over 55 making less than $27,000 a year can call home.

The people who had a helping hand in this project say it feels good to be able to give back to a community and help keep a historic building alive and useful.

“The other day, I’m driving down Wabash and the way the sun hits the building and it kind of stands out a little bit the way it’s situated on the corner, and the sun hit the building and it just, it really just took my breath away it looked so beautiful,” Sister Lisa Stalling with the Sisters of Providence said.

You can call Miller Parrot Lofts for more leasing information at 812-999-2175 or visit its website, here