Flaherty & Collins Properties Helps Sponsor Kokomo’s Highland Park Rebuild After 2016 Tornado

Following a tornado last summer that destroyed parts of Kokomo’s Highland Park, Flaherty & Collins Properties joined with other businesses to help support the park’s rebuild efforts.

This week, the playground officially re-opened with new ADA compliant playground equipment and more than 150 newly planted trees.

Mayor Greg Goodnight and city officials were on hand Wednesday to reopen the playground and thank those, like F&C, who donated money to help fund the project.

“We’re incorporating it with the main playground area, making some other enhancements along there and we just remodeled the restrooms,” Goodnight says.

Goodnight says the city raised almost $90,000 for the “Rebuild Highland Park” fund. Flaherty & Collins Properties is currently constructing it’s first project in Kokomo, downtown’s 306 Riverfront District, which will open next winter.