RTV 6: Flaherty & Collins Properties Summer Intern Program Highlights New Initiatives in Downtown Indy

RTV-6 featured Flaherty & Collins Properties Summer Intern Program as an example of downtown Indianapolis companies that provide internship programs that are open to college students looking to gain hands on experience.

Flaherty & Collins Properties began an intern program in 2005, and averaged about 5 interns per year until 2014, when it began expanding the program. In 2016, the firm 10 interns during the summer months, and this year, F&C has nine interns coming in beginning next month.

“We work with Purdue’s Construction Management program, with several of our employees being members of the Construction Advisory Council where they can meet with the students extensively throughout the year,” says Chris Guess, Director of Human Resources for Flaherty & Collins Properties. “Similarly, we work alongside Ball State through their Residential Property Management Program. In each program, we’ve hired several interns who are hungry for their field.”

Several former interns, including developer Brian Prince, were previously interns with the company before accepting full-time positions. In previous years, inters have also come from IUPUI, IU, and Butler. And this year, Flaherty & Collins Properties is partnering with My Brother’s Keeper’s Indianapolis program, where additional summer help will be found through local Indianapolis high schools.

“From a community standpoint, we strongly believe internships are the “right” thing to do,” says Jerry Collins, President of Flaherty & Collins Properties.

“It has been a goal of state for many years to keep quality talent in the state, and we want to do our part by fostering an experience for them that they will find meaningful and valuable, and one that they can apply what they’ve learned in their college courses with what they experience in the work force day-to-day,” says Brian Moore, Marketing & Communications Director for Flaherty & Collins Properties. “One of the main things we do is to vary our interns days, meaning, some days – and depending on their role – interns may be in the office, other days they might be out at our developments and apartment communities doing research, or outreach, or working directly with the construction and development teams or the leasing staff. They help us plan and execute events, submit awards, sit in on meetings with executive team members and hear how we make decisions. So really, it runs the full gamut across all our divisions and hopefully, we provide them with a truly valuable internship opportunity regardless of where they end up after they get their degree.”

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